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About Us

We are tired of the same old narrative of marginalization and oppression. We are ready for a new conversation and we are on a mission to share a message of hope and profound love with people around the globe. If you are in search of a community, WELCOME HOME! Connect with us through a workshop, share your gifts as a blogger, attend a service in your city, or simply say HELLO! We want to know you!


Are You Willing to Be MOVED?

Are you willing to be moved today? The Universe is alive and brimming over with possibility. The good that you are seeking in your life is seeking you and is prepared to bless you beyond your imagination. Be willing to step out of familiar patterns and rote responses. Be willing…

Touchstone Retreats

Touchstone Retreats: A Bold Experience for Gay Men

A series of retreats designed to knock your socks off! If you are looking to build community and learn a great deal about yourself, please join us on a Touchstone Retreat. Each retreat is limited in size and is offered in relaxing and beautiful places. We facilitate an experience designed…

Recreating Our Future

Recreating Our Futures: A Workshop for Gay Men

What future do you envision for yourself? It is time to step our of the margins, free yourself from self-defeating personal narratives, make good choices for living and step boldly into the life you deserve. This workshop will give you tools to do all of these things and so much…