What We Believe

The one truth that we hold to is that there is One Source that we call God.

We don’t know. We think. We believe. We feel. But we don’t know. Yet even in this state of not knowing fully, we all work to make sense and respond to life’s persistent call for spiritual fellowship. To this call, we respond in faith. Through faith, we recognize ourselves as living witnesses to the One Source that we call God. We yield to a greater truth of God’s unconditional and unfathomable love for us all.

We are one people — the Spirit of God dwells within all beings.

We are on a spiritual journey as ever evolving and constantly perfecting people. We are out to change the mainstream narrative of faith from shame and guilt to wholeness and worth. We are stepping boldly out of the margins and claiming our place in the world through connection, caring, contribution and celebration!

We are brilliantly inspired.

We stand as brothers, friends and allies within the LGBT community speaking out against religious bullying and oppression . We stand up for the innate worth and value of all people, especially our gay brothers, lesbian sisters, and the transgender community. We are inclusive, open and honest. 

We are on a mission to change the world and we want you to join us on a journey of hope!