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Health & Wellness Coaching

2012 is a great year for getting in shape and living in a healthier way! We are ready to help you meet your fitness and health goals and have an innovative approach that guarantees success. Our Three Degree Shift Program is not like other training programs, we actually tailor a wellness program to meet your needs at home. Sure, we have classes you can attend, but our program is not based on dragging you into a gym and attempting to motivate you with grunts! If you have a desire to tone up, slim down, eat well, or just feel better, we take you through a process that integrates personal coaching with your wellness needs. Each client receives their own wellness assessment and a clear cut road map for how to achieve your goals. We also meet with you weekly in person or via SKYPE to insure your ongoing success. We know you can reach your personal goals with the right support and motivation and we are committed to supporting you on the journey.

If you have tried personal trainers, low calorie diets, gyms and workout routines and still didn’t stay the course, we are here to help! What make us different is our specialized approach that integrates healthy eating and fitness into your daily life. We teach you how to make better food choices on the run and how to integrate fitness throughout your day. Chief Wellness Officer Renee Foote has a proven track record for helping people reach their goals and she is here to help you too!


About Renee Foote

Renee Foote is an expert in personal wellness with over 25 years of experience administering health and wellness protocols. She holds a BA in Recreation with an emphasis in exercise physiology. As an accomplished athlete, Renee was awarded Athlete of the Year at her high school and earned an athletic scholarship. She worked along side doctors and rehabilitation professionals as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) for 10 years and she has developed many specialized wellness programs for a diverse population. Most recently, Renee was featured on Wargin’s Work-Out with Suzie Wargin of 9 News.

Renee has overcome many physical injuries and personal challenges to become a motivator of success. In addition, she successfully navigated through early stages of breast cancer and embraced an extremely healthy and balanced lifestyle in the midst of the disease. Renee is an advocate for bio identical hormones and believes in vitality and living without barriers.

If you are ready to have a life-changing experience and learn how to make wellness a lifestyle, please contact our scheduling coordinator.