We are two guys on a mission to help other people change their personal narrative from broken to complete whole! If you have been on a journey of shame, brokenness, and a personal narrative of being “less than” we would like to engage with you. If you are on a path of greater self-discovery, we want to be on the journey with you. Our work is simple…to build a community that supports and encourages each member to be the best version of themselves. We know it is time to reclaim our rightful position as valued contributors to society where we, as LGBTQ people, are honored and embraced for all our gifts, insights, and contributions. We are also on a mission to help inclusive faith communities and communities who wish to become inclusive to become the most welcoming places possible for LGBTQ people.

We began our journey together at a coffee shop in Denver where we discussed one simple idea: LGBTQ people are marginalized and what we can do about it! We have penned books and written blog posts, we have created workshops and engaged in community building activities and now we have pulled it all together into one powerful online community where people can learn together, read powerful information that will give them tools and resources, and connect with others on a journey of self-discovery. In addition, we are men of faith in something or someone bigger and greater than ourselves and we are on a mission to make the spiritual journey of the soul something that people can dive head-on into.

How do you want your life to look and feel? Are you living your full and authentic truth or are you hiding behind a mask of in-authenticity where you live each day wishing someone would honor you for being the wonderful person you are and wishing for someone to simply notice. If you want your life to look and feel different than it presently does, then we invite you to engage with us in some form or fashion. Join a discussion group, attend a workshop, host a workshop or conversation, join us for a camp or retreat, become a blogger with us, and lean in to the profound possibility of YES!

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