Trey Malicoat


I have been on a personal journey of profound self-discovery for the last 20 years. Of course, I made some big mistakes along the way: I got married, had children, and then decided to come out. I think I got things out of order, but I have learned a ton about myself and others. Now, I am on a mission to share my gifts and talents with the world. I am an artist, therapist, writer and visionary and I am now on a mission to share the LGBTQ community by helping others rewrite their personal narratives of shame and unworthiness!

The big question is why? Well, as I see it, we have two purposes on the face of this planet: step into union with our Master Creator and make a difference in the world by loving others boldly! The truth of the matter is that I have come to this understanding of purpose by wrestling with some of the most self-defeating and discouraging personal narratives possible. I have struggled and I have overcome! Just like you, I have been on a path of discovery and I have been in search of a community tailored specifically to my needs as a gay man! I have tried almost every church and spiritual community and have continued to come up dry. I have been seeking a community that truly understands my experiences as a gay man and has a message of hope and support that enriches my life. So instead of continuing the search, I decided to start this visionary community with my dear friend, Christopher Arlen.

Aside from a big vision and purpose for my life, I am also a clinically trained therapist and have worked for 29 years in healthcare and non-profit management. I have written voraciously and published two books, “The Journey of Change: How to Walk Alongside a Child or Adolescent Living with Change” and “Bold Relationships”. I am also in the process of writing three other books, one about living life with passion, one about authenticity and my latest is called “Downsize Your Life, Upsize Your Soul”. As I mentioned above, I am also an artist and I paint TREES exclusively because I choose to see the profound hidden messages that trees represent: strength, flexibility, growth, life, and change.

Bottom line, I am a man on a mission and I want to know you! Personally, I live in Florida with my partner of 11 years and we have four dogs: Bella (Italian Greyhound), Jackson (Cocker Spaniel), Kaiser (Toy Fox Terrier), and Rocco (latisse). We have a beautiful life together and we love great food, great conversations, and living simply and honestly.